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Sa., 10. Juli



Returning to the Magic

Day of Zen meditation with Danny Parker, Soto Zen Priest in Shunryu Suzuki lineage

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Returning  to the Magic
Returning  to the Magic

Zeit & Ort

10. Juli 2021, 09:00

Linz, Bernardisstraße 1, 4020 Linz, Österreich


What would it be to to find “the Zen” of life.  What would add power and add clarity to my life right now?

The key in Zen practice is to fully wake up to our experience. Corona virus has created many problems for many people. In this short retreat, we look to find ways to be back to being with others, but also how to more fully wake up to our life at this instant.

On Saturday July 10th, we will explore these points by engaging with several powerful ancient practices.   We will practice Zazen, or meditation, but also walking meditation (Kinhin) which helps us to awaken to our inner voice and to settle down mentally.

However, as human beings, many separated for the last year, we also need to be firmly in our physical body.  Thus, during the day we will do Chi Gung, easy Yoga and Zhan Zhaung to come into close contact both with our body experience as well as with nature that surrounds and supports us.

Please bring a yoga mat, meditation cushion and some water. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Danny Parker is a long student of Ed Brown of the Shunryu Suzuki lineage (Since 1974) and has done Zen practice for many years. The schedule will be posted here. Weather permitting, we will be outside in nature at the Bauenbergpark in Linz.


9:00 Meet & introduction

9:15 Instruction on meditation posture, breathing & Zazen

9:45 Chi Gung

10:15 Zazen

10:45 Instruction & Outdoor Walking meditation

11:30 Poem, Short talk & chant Heart Sutra

12:00 Walk to lunch; blessing; first five minutes silent

12:45 Question and answer

13:15 Nap or optional outdoor walking

14:00 Zazen

14:15 Mindfulness touch exercise

15:00 Restorative yoga poses & pranayama

15:30 Dharma talk

16:15 Break/ optional zazen, walking


Please bring a yoga mat, meditation cushion, bowl, fork and spoon for lunch and some water. Wear loose comfortable clothing.


The cost for the retreat, which includes light lunch, will be 20 Euro. This does not include a teaching donation which is optional. 


Please send an email to until 09.07.2021

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