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Taking care of things #1

Do you also have this similar army of wooden kitchen helpers? They are all so beautiful, made out of wood.

Wood in the kitchen is not having it easy - it contracts and expands when we wash it, and it's also often in direct contact with the very food that we eat. That is why it is important to give it a nice finish every once in a while.

For that reason you don't always need to buy a special oil finish - you can use what you already have in the fridge, namely flaxseed oil (Leinöl, ленено масло).

(You don´t have Leinöl in the fridge? Then go and read this post right now :)

Omega 3

Why this type oil?

Linseed and walnut are natural oils that can create a very durable wood finish. Dry wood is absorbent by nature (like a sponge). Keeping the wood surface covered with oil helps the wood become more resistant to moisture absorption. But this oil is also semi-permeable, meaning that it will allow the wood to breathe. And your kitchen helpers get e nice shine!

DYI Leinöl

How to do it?

Just pour a small amount of oil directly on the wooden surface, then—using a clean rag—wipe the oil over the entire surface. After the tool or the board “wet” with oil let that set overnight.



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